New Drivers

Throughout my years of experience I am highly trained to cope with all situations concerning the nervous beginner. I offer structured driving lessons designed for the pupil with little, or no driving experience, where you are guaranteed to drive the car on your first lesson.


Intensive Course

Intensive & semi-intensive courses are designed to help pupils through to the practical driving test in as short a time as possible, in the most flexible way. They usually consist of driving up to 6 hours a day 5 days a week.

The course will start with an assessment lesson that lasts for 1 hour. Depending on whether you are a complete beginner or already have some experience I will teach you a few basic skills and see how you respond to instruction and to certain situations that may develop.

After this introduction hour I will be able to assess how many lessons you will need to get to test standard and give you a price for the course (based on £32 an hour).

The course will be taken in a relaxed atmosphere – in the shortest time possible – and with the least amount of stress.


Refresher Lessons

Elite School of Motoring isn’t only popular with new drivers, I also specialise in helping pupils who are almost to test standard; have failed a test in the past; or perhaps have a full licence, but haven’t driven for a while and may need their confidence boosting; or pupils who simply want to update their skills.


Pass Plus

Pass plus is a DSA initiative to help newly qualified drivers improve their skills in areas which may not have been covered whilst learning. You will be presented with a certificate and as well as the extra experience, completion of the course can result in insurance rates being drastically lowered.

The course consists of 6 modules: Motorway driving, night time driving, all weather driving, town driving, rural driving and dual carriageways.